Quality :

* With the reasonable field time, being competitive.
* Being fast. Both at the beginning and the end.
* Always reachable.
* Being innovative for best.
* Using the reliable and new ways for success.

Our Mission :

* To be Best: For us; being best is to provide the happiness of our clients and our employees. To be a refered and preffered.
* To be reliable: Finding the most reliable way and reaching the correct results. With this gaining the optimum answers to our clients.
* Keeping the healthy corporation frame: Well designed corporation system is the best way to keep quality high.
* Respect: Giving high value to the start and due dates of projects.
* Innovation: To create new ways of research which increase the standarts.
* Focusing to the clients needs: To provide the best service, giving the high importance to theclients needs.

Our Vision :

* To provide the best data with correct timing.
* Always being reachable. Making reliability based high corporation with our clients.
* Always finding the correct results and succesfull searchings.